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Eileen Bunch

Sew Creative, The Upstate School for Sewing Arts, is a full service studio providing expert sewing arts education for the beginner to the advanced student. Since 2000, its founder, Eileen Bunch, has taught thousands of children, teens and adults in the Upstate a love for sewing arts.

Eileen has her undergraduate degree in education and has had years of experience teaching sewing arts and consumer studies at the middle school, high school and college levels. Her background is tailoring and textiles. She has studied home décor techniques, couture, quilting and fiber arts under some of the best professionals in the U.S. and has incorporated many of the techniques in the program she developed.

Her diverse background and experience is a wonderful advantage for each student as it allows her to individualize each student’s program. Eileen also teaches that “Anything Is Possible!” Problem solving and follow through are big parts of the overall sewing arts program. And it's all done in a positive way by a teacher who is patient and understanding.